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The Nail Source

Top Company Educators sharing their expertise to mentor you for ongoing SUCCESS!

The Nail Source is the Premier

 Online Workshops Forum helping you achieve long-term success in the nail industry, Offering you a wide range of knowledge builders from: Salon 101

to Advanced Nail Art Techniques. 

With an extensive selection of detailed tutorial videos,

live broadcasts and fully interactive workshops with instructor,

We’ve got you covered for whatever you need. 

These courses are offered online in private FB groups

at affordable pricing to keep you

educated and profitable.


Quality Workshops for Lasting Results

Latest in Nail Enhancing

- Salon 101;  Customized Training in 1.2.1 online setting

- Genre Technique; Latest in Nail Enhancing

- SoGel; 1 Step Hard Gel in a bottle

- PolyGel; Hybrid Nail Enhancing

-Acrylic; Nail Enhancing

- Gel Polish; Long lasting nail color

- Nail art; detailed tutorials for beginners to advanced techniques 



We share it all!! No holding back!!

In all Workshops you will learn key information of understanding products, where to purchase products for the best pricing, how to use the tools, create long lasting durable nails, structure, e-file prep and finish filing, troubleshooting common nail issues, valuable tips on maintenance and home care, marketing, pricing, sanitation, and tons of detailed nail art instruction thru videos.

Benefits of our workshops, they are available at your convenience, training in your jammies, Interactive communication with Instructor, latest in product knowledge and techniques, Advanced career opportunities,


We share how to attract new clients, low cost education with no travel expenses and time away from family


Here is your next step to be profitable

Now that your licensed...whats next?

Do you booth rent, commission or open your own?

 We cover all the details and discover what is your best plan for you.

We design a plan to build and retain a clientele, 

develop your menu knowing your own costs to be profitable.

Keeping Profits in you Pockets. 

Get Branded! Get Used!

Along with social media workshops that gets you up and running to advertise

your best nails and get interaction on your page to not only attract clients

but get recognized and published with industry leading magazines and bloggers.

Make 2020 ready for you!!

Hello and Happy 2020 to you!!

I am checking off my final goal or as I call intentions for 2019. Feels so good to complete and conquer my intentions and exceed my original plan despite the worst year yet with my medical issues. Can’t keep a driven woman down.

Do you get to celebrate with me? Did you conquer your 2019 list? Or do you need to fire yourself as you join the 93% of people (Wow!! Right!! 93%) who set great intentions but don’t make yourself accountable to anyone and intentions become yet another years goals.

I am curious…Did you meet your intentions? Possibly half of them? Had a good start but no go?

I almost fired myself in August but decided well, maybe I will ask for help and trust me that is difficult as my brain always says...girl you got this!! When clearly I don’t.

Don’t allow 2020 to be the repeat of your years past... It’s your time to Shine and I am ready to be your help.

Ready, Set, Go!!!! Let’s break our glow sticks, shake it up and SHINE. Look out 2020 here we come!!


First Step JOIN me live Monday Dec. 30 at 11 am (mt) in FB group Masters Mindset Mondays debuting the Masters Planner cover to cover and explaining all about Mindset Mondays.

Can’t join live…its ok it will be available for you on replay at your convenience. 

Second Step INVEST in the Masters Planner at thenailsource.biz and you will be given VIP access to remain in the private FB group Masters Mindset Mondays for 1 year. Already have your favorite planner but still want VIP access to Mindset Mondays we got you covered too. Links below for more details.

Third Step well… there is no 3rd step.  Fire your old self and rehire your new self…

Become the Empress of your Empire.

Each week I go live in online workshops, private 121 trainings, weekly interviews with Tech Talk live, Coffee Talks, pop up Live Q&A as well as work full time in my own studio, wife and mother with home duties. I always get asked…how do you have the time to do all you do? I balance my life by scheduling it or else my schedule would rule me as it did for many years. I took over and will never allow my job to take over my life again.

This is why I created the Masters Planner and Masters Mindset Mondays.

We are meant to change and renew with greater knowledge and strengths. Work smarter not harder.

 Plan our days to be our BEST.

Allow me to help Ignite your Business, Spotlight your 2020 Intentions and Watch you Shine!


Amy Masters

Master Planner shabby chic.jpg
Master Planner follow your arrow.jpg

It's a BEAUTIFUL thing when a career and a PASSION come together!