Welcome to The Nail Source

Top Educators sharing their expertise to mentor

you for ongoing SUCCESS!


The Nail Source is the Premier

 Online Workshops Forum helping you achieve

long-term success in the nail industry,

Offering you a wide range of knowledge builders from: Salon 101

to Advanced Nail Art Techniques. 

With an extensive selection of detailed tutorial videos,

live broadcasts and fully interactive workshops with instructor,

We’ve got you covered for whatever you need. 

These courses are offered online in private FB groups

at affordable pricing to keep you

educated and profitable.

Online International Workshops


Quality Workshops for Lasting Results

- Salon 101;  Customized Training in 1.2.1 online setting

-Keeping Profits in Your Pockets; knowing your exact costs

-Salon Menu Makeover; detailed service techniques

-Social Media Training and Branding; for all platforms

-Nail Prep; for all applications

- Genre Technique; Latest in Nail Enhancing

- SoGel; 1 Step Hard Gel in a bottle

- PolyGel; Hybrid Nail Enhancing

-Acrylic; Nail Enhancing

- Gel Polish; Long lasting nail color

- Nail Art; detailed tutorials for beginners

to advanced techniques 


We share it all!! No holding back!!

Benefits of our workshops, they are available at your convenience,

training in your jammies, Interactive communication with Instructor,

latest in product knowledge and techniques

with advanced career opportunities!!


low cost education with no travel expenses and time away from family


Hello and Welcome,

I am Amy Masters the Creator of  The Nail Source,

formerly known a Perfect 10 Advanced Nail Workshops.

I know what it is like to have too much hustle and not enough time to travel (guilt free without family) to aquire quality education in our ever changing beauty industry.

I created The Nail Source for you to

break the hustle and obtain education in an

online forum with top educators to give you the

at home trade show experience. 

Cheers to many years of SUCCESS!


                                                         Amy Masters

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It's a BEAUTIFUL thing when a career and a PASSION come together!


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