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Ever thought why?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Why follow your dreams when you can capture them!

It makes me think of a cute little child who wants the balloon. The balloon is big, beautiful, colorful and wanted. We stare at it and want so badly to hold it and we visualize skipping away with it.

The fear of asking for it holds us back, the fear of reaching out for it holds us back, the fear of popping it holds us back...step out of the fear and prioritize the steps needed to capture that balloon. Maybe to capture it you need a team to lift you up to reach it, maybe you need financial means to purchase it, maybe you just need to verbalize what you want, reach out and capture it.

The dream can be Big and maybe needs to be developed into smaller dreams to collect and develop towards the overall dream. Your prize balloon.

What is your dream?

Dreams come to fruition with detailed planning, setting goals and taking action.

Here are 7 key steps to capturing your dream and developing it to come true.

Step 1. Grab a notebook! At the top of each page write your dream? narrow it down to choose one dream that you want to accomplish today.

Step 2. Written Plan! Write your dream in detail, what steps are needed to achieve this dream or goal to make it come true.

Step 3. Prioritize! Number the steps to organize what needs to be achieved first.

Step 4. Verbalize & Visualize! Verbalize your steps out loud, Visualize yourself accomplishing this dream, believe in yourself.

Step 5. Take Action! Put your ideas and steps to action, prioritize, create realistic deadlines, create your dream team,

Step 6, take a moment. Take a moment for yourself to relish in each little step to enjoy the success towards the overall big dream.

Step 7. repeat daily

Your Big beautiful balloon is all yours. You just need to capture it and make your dreams come true. Who knows, maybe it will lift you to new heights to be connected and visualize even bigger dreams.

Be the Change!

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Created by Amy Masters

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