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Joy to the World

My Salon Life / Lessons: Joy to the World

We've all seen that sign *Gel Mani $15* at the mall. But the small business across the street offers 'the same service' for $45. The math says you could buy 3 for the price of one if you hit the mall. Why choose the independent?

Investing in a higher priced manicure may seem frivolous to some. But here's a fun example:

Say you can buy a 1000 pack of paper clips for $7.89


You can buy 1 from Tiffany's for $1,500

Okay, this is a completely silly exaggeration, but here me out.

- If you had A THOUSAND paperclips, you'd certainly not take care of them. You'd lose them and think nothing of it. When you're stressed, twist them into knots. You'd have low expectations of their quality. They're cheaply made and cheaply priced so when they break, and they ultimately will, no biggie. If you dropped some on the floor you'd rather sweep them into the trash than carefully pick them up one by one and dust them off.

Of course you would.


- If you had ONE from Tiffany's, you'd treat it like gold. Oh, wait. It is. You'd take care of it. It would be durable and strong. Even when stressed, you'd never miss treat it. You'd take pictures of it for Instagram because it's so shiny and beautiful. Your friends wish they had yours. You'd look everywhere for it if it were lost. Owning something so special and pretty brings you joy. And yes, we all deserve a little joy.

Luxury items and experiences are about worth and quality. Lasting impressions and joy. Tiffany's knows it. It's one of the reasons they've been in business since 1837.

Bottom line, manicures are a health necessary for grooming. Sure, you can always file them yourself at home. But taking that basic grooming to the aesthetic level is what makes a salon visit a luxury item. Choosing your level of luxury is why there's a difference in price available.

Even thought I might not need even the 'bargain' $165 paperclip, I'll admit it, I'd really like to have one.

Happy Holidays

-Eileen Johnson

My Salon Life Woodbury MN

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