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My Salon Life / Lessons: Positive Editing

When you read the word Photoshop, do you picture Buddy the Elf whispering "you sit on a throne of lies...."?

I've got great go-to poses, the right angle, good lighting, and beautiful nail work. And still, I have to edit. I believe in not altering things that would make me dishonest -such as pasting nails on a different hand or adding decals that were not actually applied to the nails. But, I do believe in making honest changes like cropping out a distracting shirt, adding contrast to make the polish color look true, and covering skin blemishes that pull the eye from my work.

With that said, I still get nervous posting my work. You know...once it's out there, the trolls can take you down. You've seen it. Its ugly.

I usually only share here on my page and my Instagram. I stay away from public nail groups because they breed hateful, ugly trolls who hide behind fake accounts.

I kinda went sideways from my subject. Editing. Okay, here's my personal rules:

· Fix the positive things so your work looks its best.

· Don't fake things that makes you a liar.

· Post your work. It will motivate your creativity.

The pics below show what positive editing looks like. Subtle yet enough that the after pic draws you in. I use PicsArt for editing. And one more thing, always always always add your watermark.

Till next time,

Eileen Johnson

My Salon Life Woodbury MN

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