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The FIX for truly lint free wipes

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

In the 90's to remove nail polish we used the cellu cotton roll that hair dressers used for perming to keep the perm solution from getting into eyes. The cotton rolls came by the mile in a box. It always had a dust and fiber collection on the counter below it.  Should have been a sign that this would happen on nails as well but that's what we were taught to use in school.

Cotton balls were easier to use but too left fibers in your perfectly manicured services.

Lint free there such a thing?

Pads and gauze style rounds can work but puts me at risk of over exposure to products like alcohol and acetone.

For years I have struggled with the smallest of fibers destroying my creation. Grrrr!! This can not only ruin my finished look but my day.

One day I ran out of my so called lint free wipes and a cotton ball is not an option as it's worse. This was when my world changed. I am also a face painter for summer events, keeping my kit at the salon was a blessing that day. I reached for my  makeup wedges in a desperate need...wait a moment!!!!

Not only did it feel soft in my hand and kept me from touching the product but it was truly lint free.  This was a game changer for me. 

When I did a break down on costs (because I am a nerd who needs to know all my costs) it was pennies per service. A bit more that so called lint free or gauze but every bit worth it. 

I use them for so many things like baby boomers with gel paint, chromes and burnishing and nail art too.

Not all makeup wedges are created the same.  Some have aloe which would defeat our purpose of long lasting enhancement.  Some dissolve in acetone. I find the best ones are from artists choice cosmetics and even dollar tree.

Buying in bulk brings your prices down and keeps you profitable.

Now to solve how to keep my chromes from making a mess every time I close the lid.  Lol

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Created by Amy Masters

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