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Worry for the right reasons

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Are you a worrier and always stressing about the little things? We worry so much about things we can not control or we try to control things we should not worry about. Worriers causes worry in others and creates a negative space.

Are you Worthy?

Are you afraid of Obstacles?

Can you Be Repetitive?

Do something with Resolve!

Only You can Inspire your desire!!

Instead of being a worrier...become a WARRIOR!!

A warrior is fearless and allows the small things to not be bothersome to focus and help on the bigger matters.

YOU are Worthy!!!!

Obstacles are an illusion in your path to success

Repetition is the mastery of a skill

Resolve has lasting matter

You…. Are what matters

Be a warrior not a worrier!!

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Created by Amy Masters

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