Anita and Amy are combining their expertise to offer this unique and customized 2.2.1. workshop.

2 educators with over 25 years each in salon and competition nails, customizing a 4 week interactive workshop for 1 tech to rebuild, reenergized and restructure you and your salon to the top level.  Together we specialize in acrylic, gel, genre & dip, gel polish and nail art. We are bosses when it comes to marketing at the highest levels to build and retain your clients, massive confident booster to refuel your mindset to acccomplish your goals. 

We begin with an application then a complimentary conference video call to cover your goals and make sure we are the right fit for you. Once we have a plan we get started immediately in creating a customized interactive 2.2.1. workshop. Be ready because we mean business!!!!  This willl be an intense 4 weeks of personalized training to transform your goal into reality. 

Before you purchase this workshop please contact us for your application.

2.2.1. Customized Workshop with Anita & Amy

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