Advanced Gel Manicure with Electric File 

The goal of this class is to help you get a picture perfect look consistently and easily in a regular salon setting. This is not a two hour manicure! 

Some of the subjects we will cover:

-Differences in grits and how to choose a bit for different nail types. 

-Gelish removal using a combination of filing and wrapping off. 

-Proper speed and angle to clean the nail plate and ensure good adhesion of Gelish

-Tips to prevent Gelish from shrinking, flooding the skin and wrinkling. 

-Various methods of completely covering the nail plate with color to extend the wear of your client’s manicure. 

Bonus Nail Art Lesson- Gelish Ombré and marble

Certificate included

Cost- $55 USD


Upon registration you will be added to my private student group where you will find the video lessons and you can ask questions and post pictures of your work for feedback. 

You will have lifetime access.

Kit Option- $40 USD - Four piece electric file bit kit, high quality cuticle nippers mailed free of charge anywhere in the continental United States. International shipping available

Advanced Gel Manicure with Electric File

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