🎶🎵All about the toes, bout the toes, no trouble 🎶🎵

As techs we forget the biggest untapped profittable market is All about the Toes. Rebuilding toenails to get sandal ready and finishing with some Rockstar Dazzle. This workshop includes how to rebuild toenails on a healthy nail bed with Genre technique, detailed Efile cuticle prep, prep for gel polish, detailed application of gel polish, Efile removal of Gel Polish with complete redo, dry pedicure, How to price your work, where to purchase your products to keep your profits in your pockets, troubleshooting common nail issues, how to advertise and attract clients, Rockstar Toes and fun of art to start Summer on the right foot with lasting toe color.

All about the Toes is an interactive online International workshop available for 6 months to accommodate all time zones and schedules.  

Over 6 hours of detailed video tutorials. Valued at over $700.

Instructed by Amy Masters

🎶🎵All about the Toes, bout the toes...no trouble🎶🎵

🎶All About the Toes🎶

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