Attention Nail Educators!!

You did it!! 

You advanced your mad skills and career to the next level and became an expert with a top company obtaining additional training to refine and master your talents even more. 🌍 Now your busy with traveling, shows and teaching private classes. 

🧗‍♀️Are you ready for yet another level? 😎 Something even bigger!!

I have helped many educators create online workshops to share their specialties in a larger forum to help techs advance their skills and gain more confidence.

I teach you step by step in an interactive  workshop from beginning to end how to develop your online workshops, video setup as well as markey and brand yourself. Once completed you may be invited to be apart of the education team of The Nail Source. 

Thenailsource.biz is an online forum for techs to get access and resources to detailed education online linking to your workshops. 

✔Did I mention the extra revenue.... huge profits allowing you to be more successful as an educator.

My first workshop profited over $2000 for a few hours work and is still creating profits of over $10,000 in extra income. From just that 1 workshop. 🙈Now I have over 20 workshops.

🙋‍♀️ I am ready to share my experiences with you and be successful together. 

Are you ready?

Its go time!!

➡️This workshop is bundled to benefit you.

Bundle 1☝️.  You join the workshop and learn at your own pace with lifetime access to all videos, over 2 hours of content and lives. You can create your Online Workshop in as little as a few hours. 

Investment is $150.   Value is endless income for you!!

Bundle 2✌. Includes Bundle 1 with additional 121 assistant with set up.

Plus... bonus how to create lives with Special guests. 


Bundle 3👌. Includes bundles 1 & 2 and I set up the workshops for you. You provide the content and I do all the rest. 


Educators Bundle 1

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