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Hello, I am Amy Masters, You may of already viewed my many nail tutorials on YouTube or caught an episode of Tech Talk "live" in Tech Talk Worldwide. Interacting with the TOP industry leaders allows me stay innovative with latest of technology and products. I didn't realize I was onto something HUGE!! Until I shared my technique with others and they not only loved the idea but encouraged me to share with you on the next level.

Genre is a simple and easy but incredibly effective nail enhancement technique, allowing you to offer the lowest cost per service with the most profits... Keeping you SUCCESSFUL!
  Easily filed for infills/re-balancing or soak off for removal, the focus is on saving the integrity of the natural nail. This system bypasses the issues for any harsh smells, monomers, stinky resins, primers, ratios or dipping.
Many nail techs have reported that prior issues with allergies have been resolved using this technique describing this as a healthier option as well. Best of all, it is incredibly rare to see any lifting at all when clients return after 4+ weeks!

Genre is the name I gave to this nail enhancement technique as it incorporates elements of variety nail enhancing products to create the most durable nail enhancement. It is a layering technique using 100% gel polish and fine acrylic powder, which can confidently be used with no damage to the natural nail.

Genre can be used on the natural nail as an overlay, with tips and is incredibly strong as sculpted extentions as well. Did I mention no finish filing on fills reducing the dust and saving time.

It"s a WIN WIN and the latest technique in the future of nail enhancing.
This online workshop will cover in detail: hand and e-file prep, Genre technique on natural nails, tips, customizing forms (because this is strong enough for sculpting) to pretty polish finish. Including Genre re-balance, fill, maintenance, troubleshooting, how to transition your clients and market your best work!
This online workshop is available in a private FB Group for easy access at your convenience and available in all time zones. That's not all....there is much more... once completed you will receive a wall worthy certificate and be added to a private group with other advanced techs who have already mastered this technique.

Over 8 hours of video step by step content. Valued at over $900 in classes.

 PRICELESS for your potential Profits.

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Genre Technique

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