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➡️Do you charge what your worth?

➡️Are you profitable?

➡️Do you have a budget for purchasing new products to stay trendy?

➡️ What are your table costs? 

➡️ Do you have a Taxes check list?


Your not sure or don't know?

↪Then you need this workshop!!

We cover in step by step detail everything costs...Overhead costs from rent to light bulbs,  Product costs per service (not what the companies tell you..real salon costs), Table costs from lamps to containers, and setting your desired hourly wage. Tax check off list to make sure you get the most in deductions.

      We discuss into detail how much cost and time goes into each service so you know exactly where your prices should be set.Then we redesign your menu and help with marketing and advertising to get your clients paying what your worth. I share where to buy and how to buy your products for the best deals.

👉 Bonus.. Live discussion with financial advisors for retirement.

      This intense workshop is necessary to be successful and profitable in this ever-changing industry. Each week emails will be sent with your homework, then we go live each week to review homework and answer any questions. Cant make the lives that's ok. All lives are available on replay at your convenience. 

      🗓 Mark your calendars and use this tax write off to your benefit. 

Start your year in the right financial lane and more confident in your salon.

This workshop is available in a private FB group online, international and available in all time zones. 👉That's not all... this workshop is available  all year and comes with a wall worthy certificate to reward you for all your hard work.

 Over 9 hours of detailed information valued at over $1100. Priceless knowledge keeping you Successful.

Instructed by Amy Masters

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