Is 2022 your year to thrive, take charge, and set boundaries for your best year of growth?  Did you restructure, reinvent and pivot your life? Did you conquer your 2021 list? Or do you need to fire yourself as you join the 93% of people (Wow!! Right!! 93%) who set great intentions but don’t make yourself accountable to anyone and intentions become yet another year's goals?


I am curious…Did you meet your intentions? Possibly half of them? Had a good start but no go?


Don’t allow 2022 to be the repeat of your years past... It’s your time to  Spark, Ignite & Shine and I am ready to help.

Masters Mindset is a VIP FB group where we get the ball rolling!! Live coaching, training, and motivation all year...Yep, a full year... My 1.2.1 coaching calls are $121 for 3 hours. Masters Mindset is valued at over $6200. We talk about real topics for the week and make ourselves accountable to each other. No more excuses!!


What do you think? This is our 3rd year and I don’t know of anything like this in our industry so I am hoping to once again pave a path for techs to get connected, build a solid motivational community, and use The Masters Planner (available now on the website) to set our intentions to fruition.

Ready, Set, Go!!!! Let’s break our glow sticks, shake it up, and SHINE.


Lookout 2022 here we come!!


First Step: JOIN us each week in our Masters Mindset VIP group. 


Second Step: INVEST in the Masters Planner at and you will be given